Prof Darrell Irvine’s playlist

Some favorite songs of mine, with no particular theme or pattern.

The Gold
by Manchester Orchestra
The a capella chorus kills me every time.

by Lo Tom
Lo Tom was a one-off-band assembled by David Bazan with part of his former band Pedro the lion. The whole album is just great simple, stripped down rock song writing.

by Nada Surf
I first heard Nada Surf listening to one of the early internet-streamed indie rock stations out of san Francisco as a postdoc. Still love it.

Company Calls Epilogue
by Death Cab for Cutie

Synchronicity II
By The Police
The genius pop power trio.

Domesticated Animals
by Queens of the Stone Age

Cover me up
by Jason Isbell
One of our great living singer-songwriters. If you have never heard him, I can recommend the entire album southeastern as an example of his best work.

War Paint
by Rush
As part of my nerd bona fides, I grew up a big rush fan. This is not classic rush, but is a nice example of the brilliant lyrics Neil Peart, their famed drummer, wrote across their 40 year career. Peart passed away earlier this year.

by Radiohead
One of my favorite all time albums. Back when Radiohead was a rock band.

The Butcher
by Matt Pond PA

Everything Reminds Me of Her
by Elliott smith
Probably my favorite singer-songwriter alongside Isbell.