For our first bits of content, we reached out to the BE UG, G, Postdoc, and Staff.

We asked them to share a window into their wfh workspaces.

Vaibhavi Shah working from home workspace

my living room….in Corona, CA (an unfortunate name, I know)

Irina Singh working from home workspace

Human Resources Coordinator
Built-in desk next to the living room
Cambridge, MA USA

Divya Ravinder – Class of 2020

My dining room table, Lakeland, FL

Kathy Reposa's workspace working from home

Administrative Assistant
mudroom – Billerica, MA

Darlene Ray's working from home workspace

Sr. Administrative Assistant to Professors Steve Tannenbaum and Ron Weiss
Guest Room – Wilmington, MA

Dalia Fares working from home workspace

 Academic Administrator

Kristine Marzilli kitchen workstation

BE Finance
Kitchen workstation
Wilmington, MA USA

Denise J. MacPhail's working from home workspace

Administrative Assistant II to Professors Jacquin Niles, Ernest Fraenkel & Anders Hansen
Living Room work space which comes complete with my cat Jessie who reminds me when it’s time to take a break!
Beverly, MA

Prof Angela Koehler

Here is a shot of my daughter Arabella learning from a science app on an iPad (topic = hibernation) next to my laptop at our dining room table, which is now the school site for my older three kids and a bed for my big Siberian cat named Oso (also in the picture).

Belmont, MA, USA.

Hsinhwa Lee's working from home workspace

Lab manager for Lauffenburger and Griffith lab
Working in the living room using my coffee table
Cambridge, MA

Dan Darling workspace My kitchen, looking onto my deck.

BE Communications
My kitchen, looking onto my deck.
Millis, MA

Diane Ballestas working from home workspace with new standing desk

Administrative Assistant Bryson and Jasanoff Labs
Small office/new standing desk
Cambridge, MA

Noreen Lyell working from home workspace

I am working from the second bedroom (also known as the cat room and the music room). Not far from campus in Cambridgeport!

Becky Meyer working from home workspace

Becky Meyer
20.109 Technical Instructor
Attic alcove, previously used for sewing projects
Brookline MA

Julie Sutton workspace working from home

Dining room, Watertown MA

Aran Parillo's working from home workspace


Meditation Room (my Dad’s dinner table chair and a 2 seater table from his restaurant)
Billerica, MA