For our first bits of content, we reached out to the BE UG, G, Postdoc, and Staff.

We asked them to share a window into their wfh workspaces.

desk with laptop in front of window

Fraenkel Lab
Childhood bedroom
Austin, TX

desk, and plant, and monitor, and window that overlooks neighborhood

Lauffenburger Lab
Right next my window so that I can still see people everyday (as they enter and exit star market…). And yes, I bought that desk last week.
Somerville, MA

[I find this photo to be fascinating – ddarling]

many stringed musical instruments

What are we supposed to be working on again?

Pablo Cárdenas’s workspace
Niles Lab PhD Student
Cozy Weird East Cambridge, MA

laptop on desk, chair and bookshelf in background

       My reading room
       Charlestown MA

desk with two monitors and a ukulele

Bhatia Lab
Bedroom corner of my apartment in Kendall (Cambridge MA)

Erika Handy working from home with her cat

Erika Handly (and Titus!)
unergonomic Ikea kitchen table and chairs
malden, ma
yaffe lab

Avlant Nilsson working from home office setup

Avlant Nilsson
Lauffenburger Lab
Living room
Boston MA USA

Noor Momin working from home

Noor Momin
Witrrup lab
Home in Cambridge, MA

Alex Triassi working from home workspace

Alex Triassi
Voigt Lab
the living room of my apartment
right here in Cambridge, MA

Becca Black working from home workspace

Becca Black
Grodzinsky Lab
Desk in bedroom
Cambridge, MA

Desk, laptop, bare wall, window

Belcher Lab
Guest bedroom on the farm
Grasston, Minnesota, USA

Sydney Solomon working from home workspace

Bryson Lab
Desk in the kitchen nook
Cambridge, MA

Tim Kassis working from home workspace

Timothy Kassis
Malden MA

Smrithi working from home workspace

my room ft. a fake plant i use to pretend i haven’t been indoors for 17 consecutive days
Farmington, CT, USA

Gerri Powers workspace working from home

Tommy (on the right)