Po-Han (Dave) Lin

Favorite Course 20 subject and why?
20.309–Biological Instrumentation and Measurement exposed me to the cross-disciplinary nature of bioengineering and incorporated both theories and hands-on exercises. It was a unique experience to build a microscope from scratch and measure the osmotic shock response of yeast. I still remember the excitement when seeing the cells under the view (and of course the frustration when it refused to focus). Additionally, the friendly staff make the learning experience more enjoyable and rewarding.

What will you miss most about being an undergraduate at MIT?
Magical environment where people are passionate, eager to learn, and have the courage to experiment and fail. Inspiring peers who’ve shown me endless possibilities and encouraged me to interpret the world from new perspectives. Talented friends whom I’ve shared the experience with and received support from throughout the journey.

Where will you be next year?
I will be working in commodities trading at a hedge fund in New York!

Who deserves a shout-out?
The friends who encouraged me to join Course 20, the teammates whom I’ve collaborated with, and the people I’ve met in BE!