Yotaro Sueoka

Favorite Course 20 subject and why?
20.330–Fields, Forces, and Flows in Biological Systems was a class that changed my view of bioengineering. I was constantly amazed by how you can integrate physics to describe bioengineering applications. One of the surprises was that receptor-ligand binding can be viewed as an electric circuit problem! It was truly joyful to see seemingly foreign concepts abide by the same mathematics, and taught me how to think of biology more quantitatively.

What will you miss most about being an undergraduate at MIT?
All my inspiring friends, who made me grow not only academically but also as a person. I am grateful to have been in a community that is so welcoming and supporting. I would also miss midnight trips to IHOP, trying to forget about about psets.

Where will you be next year?
I will be pursuing a PhD in Neuroscience at Johns Hopkins University.

Who deserves a shout-out?
I want to thank my friends, my parents, and my grandparents who have supported me throughout the academic journey (Special shoutouts to my course 20 buddies for surviving the countless late night struggles!). I also want to thank my UROP mentors who taught me what research is all about.