Lainie Beauchemin

Favorite Course 20 subject(s) and why?

20.309 – Instrumentation and Measurement for Biological Systems. I was amazed at how well the staff came together to create such an effective learning experience during the middle of a pandemic. I amazed myself with the amount of complex material I was able to learn during my 20.309 experience, from filters to Fourier analysis to optics to image processing, without ever leaving my house. The staff were seemingly available at all hours of the day and somehow crafted a hands-on, creative, fulfilling experience during one of the most challenging academic semesters of my life.

What will you miss most about being an undergraduate at MIT?

I’ll miss the community the most I think – I’m so blessed to have met so many inspiring, passionate people here and I hope to carry that infectious energy through the rest of my career. I’ll miss sitting in lecture, awed by the work done by my scientific predecessors and feeling like part of a multi-generational community of scientists and engineers who have all had a part in saving lives and bettering the world.

Where will you be next year?

I’ll be in Milan, Italy doing Biotech investing before applying to graduate school (probably on the west coast)!

Who deserves a shout-out for inspiring/helping you to get to this point, and why?

So many people, but mostly my incredible parents for their constant support throughout the years, and for never letting me forget how proud they are of me and how proud I should be of myself.