Sarah Ishamuddin

Favorite Course 20 subject and why?
20.320 – Analysis of Biomolecular and Cellular Systems. This class truly made me feel like a bioengineer! It challenged me to think in ways I never knew I could. Despite the endless hours dedicated to problem sets and attending office hours, it also brought me closer to other Course 20s as we bonded over our misery. Jokes aside, the material was extremely interesting and I had a lot of fun being able to implement my own twist using everything we had learned through our final project. So many hours were dedicated to this class and I truly think it made me a better bioengineer!

What will you miss most about being an undergraduate at MIT?
The wacky, loving community that convinced me to call MIT home! It was amazing being surrounded by such inspirational peers and knowing I always had someone to turn to for both my highs and my lows. I’ll also miss the little things, such as spontaneous cafe 472 orders or roaming the Infinite and always knowing someone would be selling boba in Lobby 10.

Where will you be next year?
MIT can’t get rid of me just yet! I’ll be spending the next year as a Research Technician in the Manalis Lab at MIT’s Koch Institute.

Who deserves a shout-out?
Of course, my family, who would put up with my multiple calls a week just to complain about my problem sets and life in general. Additionally, the amazing people I’ve had the pleasure of sharing my 4 years at MIT with. I never could have seen the light at the end of the tunnel without the many smiles, laughs, and memories we’ve made throughout the years.