Nicole Haseley

Favorite Course 20 subject(s) and why?

20.309–Instrumentation and Measurement for Biological Systems. Taking this class during Fall ‘20 remotely was a really great experience. Being able to forget about covid for a bit, put my headphones on, and learn about microscopy, optics,
feedback systems, and circuits for hours made me feel like a real engineer. Thank you to the talented and friendly teaching staff there for making these topics so digestible and enjoyable.

What will you miss most about being an undergraduate at MIT?

I’ll miss the shared enthusiasm with which everyone approaches their research, hobbies, and friendships. Life here is never boring!

Where will you be next year?

I will be at Stanford working in the Brunet Lab, studying mechanisms of aging in C. elegans!

Who deserves a shout-out for inspiring/helping you to get to this point, and why?

I couldn’t have gotten anywhere without my mentors in research (thank you Lourido Lab!) and in the classroom. Thank you all for always fielding my questions and introducing me to intriguing new puzzles in biology every day.