Sarah Wonboon Acolatse

Favorite Course 20 subject(s) and why?

20.109– Laboratory Fundamentals in Biological Engineering, because it taught me the fundamental wetlab skills and assays in BioE I know I will continue to use moving forwards.

What will you miss most about being an undergraduate at MIT?

The students clubs like Black Women Alliance and Mocha Moves, the MISTI and GTL program, and my fellow peers.

Where will you be next year?

I will be at the University of Pennsylvania pursuing a PhD in Bioengineering.

Who deserves a shout-out for inspiring/helping you to get to this point, and why?

Emily Han: She has been my roommate since freshmen year and has helped me navigate MIT both academically and socially. She literally introduced the major course 20 to me my freshmen year, helped me course road my life, and encouraged me to join clubs like adt. Literally such an amazing person, can’t wait to be her roommate for the next X years lol.